Qwizdom is committed to each user's personal privacy. For example, Qwizdom’s Online Products use industry standard SSL (secure socket layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption to transfer private, personal information. As a Presenter activating a Qwizdom Online Product for use in your Organization, you represent that this privacy and security policy has been authorized.

Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure, and Qwizdom does not warrant the security of any information collected using its services. By agreeing to these Terms, you agree to use Qwizdom Online Products at your own risk, and agree that Qwizdom shall not be liable if a security breach occurs, if the site malfunctions, or if information is misused or mismanaged in any way to your detriment or the detriment of a third party, whether by Qwizdom, the Presenter, a Participant, or an unauthorized third party.

Qwizdom (which includes Qwizdom’s affiliates who will have access to organization material and data only as necessary for Qwizdom to provide the online services described herein) strives to provide and deliver measures needed by the Organization to comply with applicable state and federal laws, such as, for example, the Family Education Right and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Participant personal identifying information collected through Qwizdom Online Products is collected at the direction of the Participant’s Organization for the use and benefit of the Organization and the Participant.

If any Qwizdom online service stores personal information regarding the Participants, Presenters for the Organization and all Participants, will be required to have a unique username or identification code ("ID") and password to access such information. The username/ID and password will be usable by Participants, at the discretion of the Presenter, to allow Participants to access and participate in activities online through Qwizdom Online Products.

COPPA Privacy Policy Disclosures:

Qwizdom is the primary operator under these Terms. Qwizdom is located at: 12617 Meridian E, Puyallup, WA 98373, United States, and can be reach by calling 1.877.794.9366, or emailing privacy@qwizdom.com.

Qwizdom may store or collect data, at the direction of your Organization, Participant (e.g., student) names, ages, email addresses, IP addresses, cookies, and other identifiers, grades, and other school performance related information, for the purposes of providing a reporting tool for use at the direction of the Organization to which Participants belong, and for the purposes of internally improving Qwizdom Online Products. Qwizdom does not provide any way for the Participants to disclose the information collected publically using the Qwizdom Online Tools.

Qwizdom will not sell, rent or loan any data submitted by Participants through the reporting tools, to anyone. However, Qwizdom may allow its affiliates to have access to and use the reporting tool data to assist Qwizdom in providing the online services described above, and if in the future, Qwizdom, or substantially all of its assets are acquired, the control of the data may be transferred to the acquiring party, provided that the acquiring party implement a privacy and security policy at least as restrictive and secure as Qwizdom’s present policy in relation to the data.

Other than the acquiring party and Qwizdom affiliates referred to above, Qwizdom will not intentionally disclose data to anyone other than the Participant who shared the data or the Organization (i.e., school) at which direction data related to the Participant is being collected, unless required to do so by law. (Please note, that Presenters that provide content via any of the Qwizdom Online Product “content” sharing tools should be careful to redact Participant information from shared content, because shared content may in some cases be viewable online by the public. Qwizdom will not monitor the content to review for personal data).

Qwizdom Online Product users (e.g., Organization, Presenter, Participant and their Guardians) always have the option to stop using Qwizdom Online Products. A request to "Opt Out" can be made directly to Qwizdom at Optout@Qwizdom.com and will result in termination of the user's access to any online activities that require a username/ID and password, and this will necessarily terminate the user's ability to use any of the features so that the user will not be able to use online services, complete work online, review materials online, or provide information online. In addition, if the user requires that Qwizdom delete the user’s personal information, the user should include the phrase “delete personal information” in the email that the user sends to request to “Opt Out.” If Qwizdom receives a request to “Opt Out” and/or “delete personal information,” Qwizdom will have the right to verify, through the Organization, Presenter, Participant, or Guardian for the Participant, the requests before taking action to do so.

Qwizdom may allow residual data to reside within its online service even after deletion by a user for an indefinite period. But this privacy and security policy shall continue to apply to the residual data.

Qwizdom has the right and sole discretion to change its privacy and security policies at its sole discretion, at any time. If Qwizdom changes its privacy or security policy, Qwizdom will transmit those changes to you or post them at www.qwizdom.com, or at another website which Qwizdom will announce to your Organization or to you directly.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding Qwizdom’s privacy and security policy, please contact Qwizdom using the contact information provided at www.qwizdom.com, or by email at privacy@qwizdom.com.